Posted almost 3 years ago.
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  • On the march
  • Location: London, England
  • The troops were out both for the changing of the guards and later on, practicing for the trooping of the colour. It was amazing seeing them up close practicing their formations and being a warm summer's day, the crowds were out in force. The poor police had their hands full trying to keep tourists off the road so the guards had a clear path. Some people just don't listen! Considering everyone was in t-shirts, these guys (and gals) really must have been baking under all those layers. A few of them actually fainted so there was an ambo tucked out of sight near their main marching/parade ground ferrying soldiers to the ambulance van. The horses had to stand for the practice and one got a bit jittery causing the soldier to fall off. Thankfully nobody (horse or soldier) was injured.

    The different regiments have different uniforms and I ran into some different groups unexpectedly as they marched from their barracks to the main parade ground. Due to the terrorist attacks that occurred around this time, there was a heavy police presence, especially since this is such a tourist attraction.