Posted almost 3 years ago.
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  • Because Shakespeare
  • Location: The Globe Theatre, London, England
  • Twelfth Night was showing. I'd never read/seen this play so it was a new experience. Actually I probably hadn't seen a stage play since school either. To be honest I pretty much hated Shakespeare in school. The English was weird and reading it was a chore. Plays are meant to be seen not read! It's like reading a movie script which is a totally different experience to watching the movie. But since then I've grown an appreciation for Shakespeare (even if I'm still a complete noob at it). Particularly now, I've been joining in on #ShakespeareSunday each week which is run by @hollowcrownfans.

    So I was adamant there was no way I was going to miss seeing a play at The Globe Theatre. They had modernised it and I saw it on one of their first press night performances. It was a blast, the performers were fantastic and full of energy, really funny too. It was a great atmosphere and the sun was still up when the play started. I could have stood in the 'mosh pit' but it was worth paying more for a seat higher up. The Globe had an interesting exhibition as well and I'd recommend the guided tour too. They had a talk on about the play before the performance which went over my head a little as I didn't know this play well (or really, at all).