Posted almost 3 years ago.
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  • Picture perfect sunset
  • Location: Killarney, Ireland
  • The prefect end to an otherwise cold, wet and windy day. This was the day we drove around the Ring of Kerry, taking in the south-west corner of Ireland. Although the weather was frankly terrible, I loved this corner of Ireland, there's a reason why everyone I knew recommended taking a day (at least) to drive the ring. There was so much to see you could take a few days to do it properly. The roads off the main ring are very narrow and steep in some parts so it was definitely a fun drive! it is a breath-taking and beautiful part of the world and Killarney was a relaxing little town, my favourite place to stay in Ireland.

    It's also very very green for a reason. Unfortunately this was the one day the clouds blanketed the sky and sank down so low we could barely see infront of us as we headed up through the mountains. Driving through the fog in the desolate mountain area made for an especially eerie drive, like something in a horror/spooky movie where you half expect something to pop out through the fog.

    But just as we were heading back into town at the end of the day, the clouds parted and we managed to make it down to the lake to snap a golden sunset. A few other professionals with tripods also had the same idea as us and set up near the castle. Beautiful and tranquil.