Posted almost 3 years ago.
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  • Even more bikes!
  • Location: Oxford Station, Oxford, England
  • Could barely believe it when I saw this outside Oxford Station, so many bikes! To be honest it reminded me of Asia where bikes are a more common form of transport. I knew Oxford was a very bike friendly place, particularly with all the students, but I still hadn't exepected to see so many bikes in one place. How do people remember which one is theirs?! A lot of people don't live in Oxford but commute in from the surrounding areas (as it can be quite expensive to live in Oxford) so I think people catch the train to and from outer towns and then cycle within Oxford itself.

    There were definitely a lot of students and people in suits and what not cycling around. I would love to cycle around but Sydney's not as bike friendly. Several cyclists I know have gotten broken bones or pitched over cars.